Julia has recently started moving into writing for and making films. She was completed the inaugural Write4Film course run by the Scottish Film Talent Network in which she was mentored by script editor Anna Seifert Speck and attended workshops and one to one mentoring sessions with some of the UK's leading film writers and script editors including Kate Leys, Paul Fraser and Phil Parker. 

DUCK DAZE (short) is a comedy, Scottish Festen with a smattering of Gaelic and starring a duck. Currently short listed for the SFTN Scottish Shorts 2018.

REBEL GIRL (feature) is a feminist Fight Club. Set in a city like any major city you’ve ever been to in the white Western world, it is about a woman on a quest to make the world a better place but who realises she is part of the problem and so blows up the bank she works for with herself inside. The action moves between the worlds of macho elite corporate finance and anarchic, anti-capitalist activism and follows Uma’s journey from ethical banker to domestic terrorist. Inspired by Julia's hit feminist punk-rock gig-theatre show Blow Off, the film features original songs that the writer owns the rights to. Treatment stage.

Email Michael Clarke michael@brennanartists.com for more info.